Nettles Consulting has developed a proven five step process to transform your agency operations into efficient and profitable teams that are customer centric while wisely utilizing technology.

The five steps are Operational Assessment, Workflow Development, Workflow Training, Benchmarking, and Monitoring.

In addition, Nettles Consulting provides Information Management workflow.

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Operational Assesment / Baseline Benchmark

Operational Assesment /
Baseline Benchmarking

Balancing agency culture and the need for structure is going to be a main challenge of the new decade.  Through a series for interviews, surveys and a review of management system data, we identify opportunities to improve your service delivery model without compromising on your agency’s culture and values.

Implementing new technologies is a process, not a project.  Quantifying productivity is the key to ensuring results with your service team.  We create operational benchmarks, beginning with a productivity baseline for service team performance.  We teach your managers and leaders how to manage staff workload and identify capacity.  This improves your ability to manage your growth.

It’s easy to identify potential capacity. The challenge is tapping into that capacity to defer hiring and manage growth.
Workflow Development

Workflow Development

Workflows are more than just tasks and steps performed in your management system.  Workflows include a common set of guidelines that reflect your agency’s culture and values.  Having a common set of Agency Best Practices ensures that the service team knows what is expected of them.  Our proven Workflow Development process provides templates for industry Best Practices that your agency customizes. 

Best Practices Guide to Agency Business Processes & Information Management

Our unique Task Force approach combines on-line meeting technology with workflow development.  Once the Agency Best Practices are developed, we work with your team to integrate management system features.  Your customized agency workflows define how you will use the technology.  Our exclusive approach improves acceptance because your team participates in the development throughout.

Click here for a copy of the 2008 Best Practices Guide developed by Nettles Consulting and IIABA’s Agents Council for Technology.

Workflow implementation

Workflow Implementation

Once workflows are documented and tested, Nettles Consulting can provide staff training.  It is important to understand that training alone does not change behavior.  Rather, training creates a baseline for the staff and sets certain expectations.  Training eliminates excuses for staff non-compliance with procedures as well.

Our on-line training sessions can be recorded, thereby eliminating the need to re-train and give new staff training. 

Nettles Consulting builds teams, builds consensus and builds your agency’s profitability.  Regardless of where you are today, we are ready to assist you.

Monitoring Compliance

Monitoring Compliance

Developing and implementing standards does not ensure the staff will actually follow the listed procedures.  Training does not always result in staff changes in behavior.  The only way to ensure compliance is to implement ongoing monitoring, feedback and additional training.

Our Quality Assurance program combines transaction reviews and automated client and policy reviews to ensure staff compliance.  Our program also teaches managers and leaders how to hold the staff accountable to ensure workflows are properly being implemented.

Renewal Documentation Chart
It is not enough to implement agency best practices. You have to monitor to make sure the service team is actually following the guidelines.